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SRC: Sprint Robot Championship

First Person  -  SpeedRunning

Amplified First Person Control - Experience First Person Racing like never before; Sprint upside-down, Slide, Wall-run and Boost through levels. With no speed cap SRC holds nothing back in providing the ultimate sensation of speed and familiar control.

Easy To Learn, Challenging To Master - No Meta to learn, No Over-complicated mechanics. SRC keeps simplicity at the core of its gameplay, without holding anything back to restrict High Skill play.

Competitive System - Keep tabs on your friends and rivals, download ghosts and set local/world records on every track. Or jump straight into competitive matchmaking to test your skill against others directly.

Open Track Design - Checkpoint based racing with wide open environments. Every track has its shortcuts, every track has its secrets. Exploration and experimentation are key to carving the optimal path through every track.

Please note that SRC is still in Development, Screenshots are not fully representative of the final Game



2019 - roadmap

Please note that Some Early Access goals are subject to change as SRC develops

What is SRC? - Originally titled Sprintbots, development began in 2017 as a Student project with the goal of creating a super fast parkour game. Over the past year we have re-imagined the project into a full featured indie title, with both Solo and Multiplayer competitive modes.

Release Date - Steam EA - Feb 2019

Platform - PC on release

Genre - Racing, First Person, Sports


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